Former Detroit Emergency Leader Is Worried About his Son at the Hands of Police

Detroit Institute Of The Arts Holds News Conference Detailing Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr's Grand Bargain Plan

Detroit’s former emergency manager said Thursday that he worries about his son ending up dead after an encounter with police, echoing the fears of many other black parents.

Kevyn Orr made the comment during an exit interview at the Detroit Economic Club after stepping down from his position overseeing the city last month. He was appointed to the job by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) in 2013, sparking divisiveness in the city throughout his term. Some applauded his ability to negotiate settlements with creditors and pull Detroit out of the largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, also completed in December; other residents opposed concessions imposed on retired civil servants and saw his appointment as ceding local control and voting rights.

Orr, a bankruptcy lawyer, spoke candidly while responding to a question about race and policing from moderator Stephen Henderson, editorial page editor at the Detroit Free Press.

I have to teach him how to speak cop,” Orr said about his young son, as reported by the Free Press. “How to use proper diction. Never put himself in a position where he is considered disorderly because once you do that anything can happen. It can escalate as it just did in Yale.”

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