First Lady Michelle Obama Praises “American Sniper”

First lady Michelle Obama speaks during the launch event for Got Your 6 in Washington. (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin, AP)
First lady Michelle Obama speaks during the launch event for Got Your 6 in Washington.
(Photo: Jacquelyn Martin, AP)

Michelle Obama had high praise for American Sniper on Friday morning.

Not from a critical standpoint, per se, but for the film’s complex portrayal of veteran Chris Kyle.

The first lady was unveiling a program designed to recognize film and TV content that accurately portrays veterans and military families called 6 Certified, part of a national veteran campaign, Got Your 6, which is a military term meaning, “I’ve got your back.”

She spoke following a panel discussion with American Sniper star Bradley Cooper and producers Bruce Cohen, Sarah Schechter, Lori McCreary and Stephanie Drachkovitz.

Mrs. O., wearing an uncluttered black dress, called on content creators to “change the conversation about our veterans and military families” by giving “the full story.”

She cited American Sniper as an example of a successful film that has done just that.

“Look at the latest box office numbers. The No. 1 movie in America right now is a complex emotional depiction of a veteran and his family,” she said.”

“I had a chance to see American Sniper this week, on that long flight.” This caused the crowd at the National Geographic Society auditorium to chuckle at her reference to traveling to Saudi Arabia.

“I know there have been critics,” said Mrs. Obama of Sniper. “But more often than not, this film touches on many of the emotions and experiences I have heard first-hand from military families over these past few years. This movie reflects those wrenching stories I’ve heard, the complex journeys that our men and women in uniform endure, the complicated world, the decisions they are tasked with every day, the stresses of balancing love of family with love of country, and the challenges of transitioning back home.”

She went on to say, “Here’s why a movie like this is important: The vast majority of Americans will have never seen these stories or grasp these issues, without portrayals like this.”

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Ann Oldenburg

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