Did Rhimes Dumb Down Olivia Pope?


When ABC’s Scandal returns Thursday to resume its fourth season, Olivia Pope will never be the same.The last the so-called Gladiators in (not really) Suits saw the fearless OPA leader she was dancing, having finally let go of her father, Rowan — after unsuccessfully attempting to bring down the B613 boss — before vanishing, leaving only a spilled glass of red wine for Jake to find.

The Shonda Rhimes political thriller picks up the moment where the midseason finale ended, revealing who took Olivia (Kerry Washington) in an episode told completely from her point of view and described as “the fight of Olivia’s life.”

“The way we kick off the [mid]season is really exciting,” Rhimes tells The Hollywood Reporter, calling the return episode, “Run,” her “favorite episode of television” that she’s ever written and done overall. “It’s very shocking. I think it’s going to be very interesting for the audience. It’s not anything that you would expect from Scandal.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter | Lesley Goldberg

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