WATCH: Larry Tomczak Not Shying Away from Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson Cooper Controversy

Larry Tomczak

Christian author and columnist Larry Tomczak is on the hot seat for a recent column he wrote on Hollywood and homosexuality.

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and television journalist Anderson Cooper have sounded off on the best-selling author’s article.

In a recent interview with CBN News at his Nashville home, Tomczak said, “I write every week commentaries for three news services and recently I wrote on what I call the avalanche of gay propaganda in the media that is affecting our culture.”

In his January editorial, Tomczak focused on Hollywood’s increasing images of homosexuality in popular shows like “Modern Family,” “Empire” and “Glee” and their impact on young audiences.

He mentioned both Cooper and DeGeneres at various points in the piece.

“I wrote the commentary just to educate and raise awareness all over America, and it was on three news sites and then I awoke one day literally and I found out that Ellen DeGeneres, who has an award-winning talk show, was addressing me,” Tomczak said.

He’s now written open letters to DeGeneres and Cooper and recorded his message in separate videos.

Click here to read more.

Efrem Graham

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