Why It’s Time for the Lakers to Turn to Lin

Kyle Terada, USA TODAY Sports
Kyle Terada, USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have entered the post-c part of the schedule again this season, as the All-Star shooting guard prepares for shoulder surgery that likely will end his season. Yet they still have 37 games to play.

Leave it to Nick Young to present an easy solution, the one you’d expect Nick Young to suggest: Nick Young. He’s an easy option, a player popular enough to make all the losing tenable enough for fans who can look forward to a top-five draft pick. (The Lakers owe their 2015 first-rounder to the Phoenix Suns if it falls out of the top five, but they are building a good lead on the fourth-worst record in the NBA.)

Then there’s the other option for replacement-star, the one whose fan base dwarfs even the “Swaggy P” hordes and who has shown magic in a lead role in the past. There’s Jeremy Lin.

Lakers coach Byron Scott chose not to play Lin against the San Antonio Spurs on Friday, in the first game after Bryant tore his rotator cuff. He didn’t explain much, and Lin left the locker room in a hurry after not playing for the first time in three years, according to The Associated Press. But Lin was back in the rotation Sunday at the Houston Rockets.

And here’s the thing: He was good. Lin put up 14 points and six assists, playing aggressively and helping the Lakers stay plus 2 in 28 minutes with with him on the court, while they were minus 14 in the other 20 minutes with rookie Jordan Clarkson and journeyman Ronnie Price running the offense.

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SOURCE: USA Today FTW! – Adi Joseph

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