Over 4000 Flights Canceled as Monster Snowstorm Hits Northeast, East Coast; CNN Weatherman Calls It: ‘A Hurricane Over Cold Water’


If you’ve got an airline ticket to travel on Monday, your flight may already be canceled. And your chances might be even worse on Tuesday. 

Airlines reacted to a major snowstorm that’s expected to wallop parts of the Northeast by cancelling more than 3,200 flights — a move that came even before the first snowflakes began falling the region.

Carriers are also waiving change fees for flights at dozens of airports across the region.

As of 11 p.m. ET on Sunday, airlines had grounded 1,717 flights for Monday and another 1,492 for Tuesday, according to FlightAware. United, the nation’s second-busiest carrier, said it expected to halt all of its Tuesday operations at several of the region’s busiest airports. US Airways, in the process of merging with American, also planned to halt Tuesday operations at certain airports in the region.

That the first wave of cancellations came before the first flakes had fallen in the East Coast’s biggest cities hints at the scope of flight chaos that awaits fliers during the next 72 hours.

Passengers with flights to or through the region should major disruptions — not only through Tuesday, but possibly through the remainder of the week. Even if airlines are able to resume flights on Wednesday, flights schedules could restart unevenly. And, there could be a backlog of stranded fliers competing for whatever empty seats remain on flights that do operate.

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Source: USA Today | Ben Mutzabaugh

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