If He Could Be a Biblical Character, Jeremy Lin Would Want to Be Samson

Christian NBA player Jeremy Lin (nba.com)
Christian NBA player Jeremy Lin (nba.com)

Jeremy Lin recently decided to participate in a funny question-and-answer session with Facebook fans but still managed to answer some faith-based questions.

Lin, the 26-year-old Los Angeles Lakers guard, took to his Facebook page to ask fans to pose funny questions to him.

“Soooo … I’m chillin’ in the hotel room in New Orleans,” Lin began his Facebook post to introduce his question-and-answer session. “Q&A Time … today’s emphasis is on the funny questions ‪#‎currentmood‬.”

While Lin entertained questions about his favorite Disney movie and facial expressions he makes on the basketball court, the NBA player managed to sift through silly questions and answer some faith-based ones. One person questioned Lin about his favorite Hillsong Music song, which he revealed was “Cornerstone.”

Another person asked Lin who he would be if he could be a biblical character.

“I would be Samson and see how much I could bench press,” Lin wrote.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Christine Thomasos

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