Apologist Alex McFarland Says Churches Need to Speak With One Voice Against Abortion

Alex McFarland
Alex McFarland

Churches need to begin challenging the legitimacy of abortion from the pulpit. That’s the view of an expert on the modern-day church.

Dr. Alex McFarland, an evangelist and apologist, contends that pastors have an obligation to preach against sin and to preach about social and political issues. But he says the church has changed.

“I think about the United Methodist Church, which 40 years ago had 60 members for every 1,000 U.S. citizens, and today has roughly 28 church members for every 1,000 citizens,” he says. “I think about the Presbyterian Church (USA), which 50 years ago had 22 members for every 1,000 people, and today has only 11 members for every 1,000.”

While denominations such as Southern Baptist and Assemblies of God have gained members, the market share in the culture has lessened.

“It makes me very sad that with every passing day and every passing year, the voice of God’s people in the American culture diminishes,” he says. “And, certainly, if there ever were an issue on which the church should speak with a unified voice, loudly and decisively, it’s the issue of life.”

McFarland, co-host of “Exploring the Word” on American Family Radio, says abortion is a sin just like promiscuity and homosexuality, and pastors need to preach about sin, bringing their own congregations in line with scripture. In turn, he adds, people in those congregations could begin impacting a culture that has strayed away from the Word of God.

SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Charlie Butts

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