Jeb Bush Seems Fired Up and Ready to Go; Sounding More Like Obama than his Brother


Jeb Bush was in San Francisco Friday night, speaking to thousands of car dealers at the NADA Convention and sounding like the undeclared Republican Presidential hopeful that he is.

“It’s time to challenge every aspect of how government works,” he told almost 4,000 conventioneers at Moscone Center Friday evening. “Millions of Americans want to move forward in life, but they’re losing hope.”

It was the former two-term Florida Governor’s first public speech since setting up a political action committee, the Right to Rise PAC, which enables him to hire staff, conduct polls and pay for travel without officially declaring his candidacy.

His speech to NADA, the National Automobile Dealers Association, was a paid speech, something he won’t be able to do once he’s running for office.

The audience was amused every time the moderator tried to coax Bush into an admission.

“I know you’re on the fence, ” prodded the MC, to which Bush shot back, “No I’m not!” He then acknowledged, “I’m seriously considering the possibility of running.”

With his previous presidential try in 2012, and obvious name recognition, Bush is considered an automatic front-runner.

His speech was laden with campaign themes, such as broken politics:

“This is not the worst time to be alive in America but this dysfunction seems to be permanent and I reject it.”

He also bemoaned a lack of upward mobility for the middle class.

“We’re almost six years into a recovery and almost sixty percent of Americans believe we’re still in a recession, ” Bush declared. “Portfolios have gotten stronger while paychecks have gotten weaker.”

Bush was especially vehement about education reform, which he said he enacted in Florida to the benefit of public school students.

“This insidious idea that self-esteem is more important than learning how to read, that’s what we have in America today,” he observed. “This should be a national calling. a great country like America should make sure people have the skills and the drive and the determination to rise up.”

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SOURCE: Debora Villalon

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