Former NFL Players Slam Tom Brady


As you’ve surely heard by now, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady answered questions from a rabid media throng Thursday about the never-ending saga embedded in our mouths and minds, a.k.a. Deflategate.

Brady said he had “no knowledge of anything” to do with the footballs that the NFL may have found to be under-inflated during the AFC Championship game against the Colts.

It was as complete a denial as his coach offered up just hours earlier.

Oh, but the nation outside of New England isn’t buying it. Not. One. Bit.

Brady has been getting bashed early and often, from coast to coast, by fans, media, entertainers, pundits, and a surprising list of former players.

Shortly after Brady wrapped up his extended Q&A session at Gillette, millions of TV viewers around the world saw former Jets and Jags QB and current ESPN analyst Mark Brunelle’s near-tearful no-love review of the Brady’s performance at the podium.

“I did not believe what Tom had to say,” Brunell said with his voice cracking slightly on ESPN. “Those balls were deflated. Someone had to do it and I don’t believe there’s an equipment manager in the NFL that would on his own initiative deflate a ball without the starting quarterback’s approval. I just didn’t believe what Tom Brady had to say. That was a tough one to swallow.”


Former Dallas Cowboy Troy Aikman — who like Brady quarterbacked his team to three Super Bowl victories — squarely pointed a finger at the Patriots QB in the Deflategate blame game.

“It’s obvious that Tom Brady had something to do with this,” Aikman said on sports radio 1310 AM in Dallas. “I know going back to when I played, they’ve loosened up the rules in terms of what each team is able to do with the footballs coming into the game. Used to, the home team provided all the balls. And now, each team brings their footballs the way they like them and break ’em in. Used to you couldn’t break them in. So for the balls to be deflated, that doesn’t happen unless the quarterback wants that to happen, I can assure you of that. Now the question becomes did Bill Belichick know about it?”

Aikman went on to say the Patriots penalty should be harsher than Bountygate, where Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year.

“Now twice, under Bill Belichick and possibly a third time, they’ve cheated and given themselves an advantage,” Aikman said. “To me, the punishment for the Patriots and/or Bill Belichick has to be more severe than what the punishment was for the New Orleans Saints.”

Former New Orleans QB Bobby Hebert thinks Brady was telling “a half truth.”

“I don’t think Tom Brady told the ball boys what to do with the balls that day, but he’s been there so long, they know how he likes them,” Hebert said. “… I don’t know who’s going to fall on the sword, but whoever handles those balls knows exactly how Brady likes those balls.”

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SOURCE: Steve Silva

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