Kirk Franklin Celebrates 19 Years of Marriage to Wife Tammy


On Monday, Jan. 20, 44-year-old Fo Yo Soul Recordings CEO Kirk Franklin, celebrated 19 years of marriage to his wife Tammy Franklin.

To mark the exciting milestone, the doting husband got sentimental and introspective in a lengthy blog post.

“Tammy was patient with me. Her family background was better than mine,” wrote Franklin, who, at four years old, was adopted by a 64-year-old widow. “She had a mom and dad in the house. She saw love modeled. I didn’t. She didn’t give up on me.”

Kirk tackled the subject of marriage as one of the many topics he will cover on his brand new weekly patheos blog.

The content shared was highly transparent, since, admittedly, the Franklins have been through ups and downs. Yet, one of gospel’s most recognizable royal couples have stood the test of time—something for which Kirk gives Tammy most of the credit.

“She knew I was crazy, and she was my medication. She calmed me. She made the noise quiet. And she didn’t beat me up for what I wasn’t,” he said.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Sherita Paul

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