CeCe Winans ‘Flattered’ by Her Portrayal In Lifetime Whitney Houston Biopic


The late Whitney Houston’s love for now defunct GRAMMY® winning gospel duo BeBe and CeCe is no secret.

Unsurprisingly, the Lifetime Whitney Houston biopic “Whitney” included a brief reference to the real-life brother and sister.

“The young lady that played me is totally beautiful!” said CeCe in a Facebook post. “I’m flattered.”

The dialogue in the made-for-TV movie that drew 4.5 million viewers Saturday was brief.

“Oh, CeCe!” Yaya Da Costa, who played Whitney said, reaching out for an embrace.

“So good to see you,” replied he actress portraying CeCe.

“You look fabulous!” said the pop diva.

“No, you do.”

That was it.

Though the onscreen interaction took less than a minute, CeCe’s friendship with Whitney lasted a lifetime.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Natalie Barker

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