Willie Robertson Says Upcoming “Duck Dynasty” Musical Is About Redemption

willie and korie robertson

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson and his wife Korie finally revealed details about the upcoming musical based on their reality television series headed to Las Vegas this year.

News of the musical based on the Robertson family broke last year, but Willie and Korie offered additional information about the Broadway-style production while speaking to Fox News on Monday. While the musical will not star the Robertsons themselves, the production is based on Willie and Korie’s book chronicling their rise to fame, “The Duck Commander Family.”

“It’s about redemption,” Willie said, according to Fox. “It’s about all these decisions we had to make in our life and overcoming and ending up being on TV and all that. It’s a great story and it’s pretty powerful.”

The Duck Commander CEO and his wife also revealed details about casting characters for the musical, including an actor to portray Uncle Si who “nailed” the role, as well as the music itself.

“When we heard the first four songs played for us, Willie and I cried,” Korie revealed. “We boo-hoed like babies… It’s the story of the American dream.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Emma Koonse

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