WATCH: While Nation Focuses on the State of the Union, Family Research Council Says the State of America’s Families Are Threatened


While President Barack Obama and Congress are concentrating on the State of the Union, the Family Research Council says the state of the union’s families are threatened.

FRC President Tony Perkins issued that warning in his first “State of the Family” speech Monday night. His main message is that the religious liberty of these families is endangered.

“When you look at religious liberty, that’s our first freedom and that’s under tremendous assault today,” Perkins told CBN News before giving his speech.

The non-profit, pro-family group had some living, breathing examples on hand for Perkins’ speech, like Oregon Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein. The couple is facing a payment of $150,000 in damages for refusing to bake a lesbian couple’s wedding cake.

In his speech, Perkins characterized that as “a sum that will bankrupt them and their five small children.”

“I had somebody email recently, taking joy in the fact that we might be financially bankrupt,” Aaron Klein told CBN News. “And I’m going, ‘We were supposedly spewing hate, but true hate is taking joy in somebody else’s suffering.'”

“In the state of Oregon’s view, the Kleins needed to ‘be rehabilitated from their religious views on the nature of marriage,'” Perkins said in his speech. “Needless to say, government reeducation regimes are not the American way.”

Melissa Klein said she is not optimistic about such attacks on believers.

“I just see it getting worse and worse the more that it keeps coming up. It’s just – it’s scary. And I feel that us as Christians, it’s time for us to stand up,” she said.

Another family facing hatred for their biblical beliefs: the Millers of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. The family bridal boutique wouldn’t make wedding dresses for a lesbian couple.

Family members have received a ton of vicious emails and messages since.

“They attacked us and our Christianity,” Victoria Miller, matriarch of the family, said. “And they actually even made threats against our children. And so it’s been pretty intense.”

“There was a town council meeting that was held in December to possibly pass an ordinance that would force us to serve same-sex couples,” Lisa Miller, another family member working in the boutique, said.

“So ultimately it would either force us to serve them or go out of business,” she said.

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Paul Strand

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