500 People Pay Tribute to 3 Time Pulitzer Prize Winner and Washington Post Photojournalist, Michel du Cille


His photojournalist wife wanted friends and colleagues to know that “If he were here today, he’d be reminding us of the real story: 8,429 lives lost to Ebola and counting.

“He’d be saying, ‘Remember the real story. Remember the thousands of people in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and the rest of the world who are dying and will die from this Ebola virus. . . . Remember the people in the rest of the world.’ ”

Friends, colleagues and admirers of Michel du Cille came to praise his professional excellence, his personal qualities and his commitment to shining lights in dark corners. He was an exemplar of old-school journalism values, and though most of the mourners were not African American, of a black journalist.

A standing-room-only crowd of about 500 people assembled at the Newseum in Washington Friday to pay tribute to du Cille, a Washington Post photojournalist and “three-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his dramatic images of human struggle and triumph, and who recently chronicled the plight of Ebola patients and the people who cared for them.” The Post described him in those words when he died at 58 on Dec. 11 of an apparent heart attack.

Du Cille was on assignment for the Post in Liberia, where he had gone voluntarily for the third time to document the effects of the Ebola crisis.

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