Goals for Good Readers


A mom approached me after a seminar and said, “Would it be helpful if I crawl into my child’s bedroom at night and read Bible stories into my child’s ear while he is sleeping?”

Wow! She really wanted her child to learn to read. I was excited by her interest in her child’s literacy. But I needed to steer her in the direction of daytime reading.

How can you maximize helping your child learn to read? Let’s begin with what is appropriate for children of varying ages.

Birth to 1 year old: board books, books with textures, and toy books are the best bet.

Choose books that have one bold picture per page, with fun themes such as farm animals, colors, or numbers. Your baby can even take plastic books into the bubble bath. Words of some books are actually songs—so don’t just read the book, sing the book! Board books make great baby shower presents.

Babies have short attention spans. Stop reading before they get the wiggles or weeps. Just spend five minutes per day introducing your child to the joy of reading.

Reading goals for children at this age are:
· Looking at the book and touching it.
· Listening to the sounds of reading.
· Seeing that pages turn.
· Expecting a new surprise on every page.

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Source: Crosswalk | Peggy M. Wilber, M.Ed.

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