Handcuffed Man Saves Police Officer’s Life


A teenager — in handcuffs at the time — is being credited with helping save a police officer’s life after he alerted authorities when the officer collapsed.

Video footage has been released of the moment last September when Fort Lauderdale officer Franklin Foulks collapsed as he was processing Jamal Rutledge at the department’s booking facility.

Rutledge, his hands cuffed behind him, stood up to check on the officer and then began kicking the security door to alert other officers.

Incident begins at about the 38:00 mark.

Officers rushed in and began performed CPR on Foulks before emergency officials could arrive. Foulks has recovered and is expected to return to full duty later this month.

Det. DeAnna Greenlaw told ABC News that the department hopes the young man, who will receive a life-saving award later this month, will use the incident to make a positive change in his life.

“We wanted to make sure we commended him for making the right decision,” Greenlaw said. “We wanted to make a positive impact on him and his vision of police officers.”

Rutledge had been arrested for allegedly violating probation and committing burglary.

SOURCE: National Post

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