Colton Burpo Says His ‘Heaven is for Real’ Story Is True

heaven is real

Colton Burpo, the subject of bestselling book and hit movie Heaven is for Real, has defended his story just days after Alex Malarkey revealed that his own near-death experience was fake.

Burpo, who claims to have met Jesus when he had his appendix removed in an emergency operation aged 4, says he visited heaven, saw angels and watched Mary kneel before the throne of God. In a new statement on his website, he writes: “Dear friends, I know there has been a lot of talk about the truth of other Heaven stories in the past few days. I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know that I stand by my story found in my book Heaven is for Real.

“I still remember my experience in Heaven. I want to keep telling people about my experience because it has given hope to so many people.

“People have their doubts about my story,” Burpo continues, “But the thing is, I wasn’t coaxed into doing this. I wanted to tell people about my experience. In fact, I started sharing my story with my friends and people in our town way before there was a book called Heaven is for Real.

“I hope that my story continues to point people to Jesus. He really, really loves you.”

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Carey Lodge

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