Over 100 Boko Haram Militants Killed In Cameroon

Boko Haram

The Cameroonian army scored a victory against Boko Haram this week as security forces fought back against the militants who had raided an army camp in Kolofata.

Christian Today reports that 143 Boko Haram members were left dead in the fight compared to five members of the Cameroonian military.

Cameroons’ Information Minister Issa Tchiroma said in a statement, “It is by far the heaviest toll sustained by the criminal sect Boko Haram since it began launching its barbaric attacks against our land, people and goods.”

Cameroon had reportedly been threatened by Boko Haram after it launched airstrikes against the group in December; 130 schools had to be closed in response to the threats.

Ministry of Secondary Education representative Monouna Fotso said, “The objective of this Boko Haram is to traumatise our citizens.”

SOURCE: ChristianHeadlines.com
Carrie Dedrick

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