Franklin Graham Asks Muslims to Come to Jesus During “Hannity” Appearance

Fox News
Fox News

Discussing the threat of radical Islam across the world on “Hannity” Wednesday night, Rev. Franklin Graham personally addressed members of the Muslim faith and invited them to convert to Christianity.

“I want to say something to all the Muslims that may be watching this that are confused and are afraid themselves,” Graham said. “I want them to know that God loves them and that Jesus Christ died for their sins — and Christ will forgive them and heal their hearts.”

He continued: “And they don’t have to die in a jihad, they don’t have to kill somebody else to please God. God loves them and he will accept them through faith and through his son, Jesus Christ.”

Graham also agreed that the Islamic world is “being torn apart by its own hand” and said the U.S. should refuse to give any money to any country or group that advocates for the killing of innocent people.

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SOURCE: The Blaze
Jason Howerton

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