“The Reconciled Church” Event to Air Tonight on Daystar; John Hagee, A.R. Bernard, Jack Graham and Other Participants Announced


A forum called “The Reconciled Church: Healing the Racial Divide” is taking place at The Potter’s House in Dallas today. Bishop Harry Jackson and Bishop T.D. Jakes convened the gathering of “racially and culturally diverse Christian faith leaders to take practical steps toward racial reconciliation across America.”

Some leaders — including Tony Evans, Andrew Young, Alveda King, Samuel Rodriguez, James Robison, R.A. Vernon, and Jim Garlow — had already been announced as taking part in the event. According to an advertisement shared on Twitter by Harry Jackson at 11:05 am on Thursday, Pastors John Hagee, A.R. Bernard, Jack Graham, Otis Moss III, Robert Morris, Vashti McKenzie, and J. Alan Neal will also be taking part.

The advertisement also stated that the event will be aired tonight on Daystar at 8:30 pm EST.

According to event information, the “leaders will gather for an interactive session with media to summarize their conversation and consensus for moving forward. In the evening a public communion worship service, commissioning individuals to go out and work for reconciliation, will be held, during which leaders will sign a covenant of reconciliation.”

The public part of the event will be streamed live on BCNN3.TV and GLBN.TV.

The “covenant of reconciliation” can be viewed and signed online here.


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