Son of the Late Marion Barry Suspected of Threatening a Bank Teller and Destroying a Security Camera — That’s a Way Not to Win Your Father’s Council Seat

Marion Christopher Barry  YOUTUBE
Marion Christopher Barry

Marion Christopher Barry is suspected of threatening a bank teller at a Washington, D.C., PNC Bank branch before destroying a security camera, police say, the Washington Post reports.

Barry, the son of the recently deceased “mayor for life” Marion Barry Jr., is attempting to pick up where his dad left off. He is campaigning for the now-vacant Ward 8 D.C. Council seat that was held by his father up until his Nov. 23 death.

A preliminary report of the incident released by D.C. police indicates that a man, identified as Barry by police, went into the bank asking to withdraw a huge sum of cash. The teller, a woman, explained that she would not be able to do that because the amount was too big and the account would be overdrawn.

The suspect then started berating the employee, allegedly claiming, “You always give me a hard time” and “I’m going to have somebody waiting for you when you get off, you bitch.”

The incensed customer then picked up a trash can and pitched it over the security glass at the bank, breaking the surveillance camera.

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