Kirk Cameron Expands “Saving Christmas” Film Into Coffee Blend

Saving Christmas Blend
Saving Christmas Blend

Kirk Cameron is expanding his latest film “Saving Christmas” into a special brand of coffee this month, releasing “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Blend” on Monday.

Available online nearly two months after “Saving Christmas” debuted in select theaters, the new coffee blend now offers Cameron’s fans a chance to share a cup of joe with friends and family.

“Inspired by the timeless flavors of the classic mocha java blend, our limited edition ‘Saving Christmas Blend’ is a delicate balance of East African and Indonesian coffees,” the website KirksCoffee reads. “The subtle sweetness of the Indonesian beans is intimately paired with robust earthiness of the African for a truly harmonious and memorable cup. It’s meant to be brewed in large quantities and shared with friends and family.”

One “true” pound of whole-bean coffee is available online for $19.99. Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” coffee blend comes as a surprise since the actor’s Christmas-inspired film was poorly reviewed upon its debut in Nov. Nevertheless, the film’s limited release expanded to dozens of additional theaters and played for over a month across the U.S.

“We saved Christmas. Now, taste the glory,” the tagline for Cameron’s coffee expounds.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Emma Koonse

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