Darren Sharper Faces Federal Charges In New Orleans

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Darren Sharper should be brought to Louisiana from Los Angeles to face charges for allegedly drugging and raping women in New Orleans, federal prosecutors asked in a motion filed Monday (Jan. 12).

Prosecutors in the Eastern District of Louisiana on Monday asked a federal judge in New Orleans for an order that would have the former Saints star transferred from the Los Angeles County Jail to New Orleans by Feb. 23 for his arraignment in drug conspiracy charges.

The government’s motion also asks that Sharper remain in federal custody until his federal case resolved. After his federal case concludes, he would be returned to the custody of authorities in Los Angeles, where he faces rape charges, the motion states. Authorities in Nevada also are investigating rape allegations against Sharper.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office declined comment Monday. Sharper’s next hearing in Los Angeles County is set for Jan. 27.

Sharper also faces charges in Orleans Parish of simple rape and two counts of aggravated rape in connection with the alleged rape of three women in New Orleans that took place in 2013.

The aggravated rape charges carry a potential life sentence, the harshest penalty Sharper faces in the three states where he has been charged. In each case, Sharper is alleged to have drugged his victims by spiking their drinks with prescription drugs alprazolam, diazepam and zolpidem, better known by the brand names Xanax, Valium and Ambien.

At a detention hearing in Licciardi’s federal case in December, FBI agents testified Sharper referred to the spiked drinks as “the potion.”

Sharper has been held without bond on rape charges in Los Angeles since his arrest Feb. 27, 2014. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined comment Monday.

Sharper’s next court date in Los Angeles is Jan. 27.

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Andy Grimm

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