6 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business


Starting a small business can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life. In some cases it is the literal reinvention of yourself. For me, I never really intended to start a business and never gave it that much thought. I simply had a passion for my work and it naturally transformed into a business. This might sound pretty cool but really it is not a very good way for things to happen; you will understand why as I share a little bit of my story.

I studied jazz guitar in college and I always planned on being a professional musician or maybe even a music teacher. Like many students, while I was in school I had a hard time being able to afford a guitar that was of high enough quality to really get the kind of sound and playability that I needed for my exercises and performances in class.

Coming from a background of woodworking, I had the idea of building myself a guitar. I figured it would be a lot cheaper and it sounded like fun.

So over a period of time I built my first guitar using whatever materials I could find and scrounging for tools that would get the job done. To my surprise, I found that building guitars was just something I could do well, maybe even what God designed me to do. Eventually, after being asked to make guitars for my college guitar instructors and other players, I ended up being a guitar maker by trade.

Because my career just seemed to happen to me and because of my creative personality type, I began my career with no plan whatsoever, just a starry eyed artist wandering out into the mysterious future letting his destiny unfold. Needless to say, this approach can lead to many problems from a business standpoint. I traveled a very difficult road, but I have come a long way since then and learned a great deal both in my craft and my business.

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Source: Crosswalk  |  Tom Bills, tbguitars.com

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