Lecrae Challenges People to ‘Not Live a Double Life, Walk In Integrity’ for 2015


Lecrae took to Facebook on Tuesday releasing a new video issuing a challenge to people who subscribe to his page.

The video pertains to the new year and he hopes to inspire people to make a change in their lives in the coming months.

“So I’ve been thinking, for 2015 how about we clean out our closet; how ’bout we get rid of the skeletons; how ’bout we don’t live a double life; how ’bout we walk in integrity,” said Lecrae in a Facebook video posted to his page. “As difficult as that may sound, what if we lived that way.”

The Grammy Award-winning rapper went on to further explain that he believes people hold themselves back from this due to their need for acceptance and approval, which Lecrae believes could kill them in the end.

“I always say, if you live for their acceptance you’ll die from their rejection,” he asserted.

Lecrae believes people could better themselves by establishing circles of trust that keep them accountable.

“I think a lot of times we don’t have people in our lives who can really challenge us to be the people that we were created to be because we’re scared to hear the truth about ourselves,” he added. “We’re scared of the rejection or the pain or what it may take to hear some of the real things about ourselves.”

Lecrae discussed three different circles of friends and acquaintances that he has in his life, with the largest being one he shares very little personal information with, and the smallest being the one he shares his most intimate secrets and struggles with. The smallest one allows him to be accountable in all things.

“These are people that I trust, and I don’t mind sharing my deepest darkest stuff with them because they’re making me fight to be who I was created to be. I’m not trying to pretend to be somebody that I’m not. And I think we need those circles,” he continued.

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Vincent Funaro

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