WATCH: Woman Who Was Sexually Abused Was Suicidal Until She Found Peace In Christ


Katrina Sweet is able to wear a smile on her face today, but before discovering God’s love and grace, her life was a nightmare.

When she was only 11, her stepfather began molesting her, stealing her innocence away–something that set off a cycle of promiscuity.

“It left a void in me of wanting to be loved, wanted to be affirmed, I wanted someone to look at me as being special,” she said in a CBN interview. “So the first guy who said ‘You’re pretty’ or ‘You’re beautiful’, then I gave myself to him.”

Plagued with feelings of low self-esteem, Sweet’s life was anything but. Bitterness plagued her soul, leaving her groping for security, acceptance and true love.

Instead of having her heart’s desire fulfilled, years later, she was sexually assaulted by her pastor.

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Joy Harris

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