Study: Pornography Use ‘Damages and Degrades’ Relationships

Image: iStock
Image: iStock

A new study concluding that pornography use leads to decreased enjoyment of sexual intimacy for men illustrates “the detrimental effect” obscene images have on “a male’s sexual health,” a leader of Southern Baptists’ anti-pornography campaign told Baptist Press.

“The study reinforces the fact that pornography writes a sexual script that leaves out God, unconditional love, respect for each other and honoring each other,” Jay Dennis, co-sponsor of the Join One Million Men campaign, said in written comments. “Parents should take heed that the younger a male views pornography the more he will use pornography for sexual stimulation. The study underscores that pornography lessens enjoyment with a real-life partner.”

Launched at the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Houston, Join One Million Men is seeking commitments from 1 million men to live pornography-free lives. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and the Woman’s Missionary Union sponsored the initiative along with Dennis, pastor of First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, Fla.

Researchers Chyng Sun, Ana Bridges, Jennifer Johnason and Matt Ezzell wrote in the December issue of “Archives of Sexual Behavior” that “pornography is sometimes dismissed, celebrated, or problematized as fantasy, and many consumers may access pornography explicitly as a form of entertainment, but pornography is also much more. What happens on the screen may implicate life off of it.”

The researchers asked a sample of 487 males ages 18-29 a range of questions regarding the frequency of their pornography use, their use of pornography in conjunction with sexual encounters and their enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

The research team found “significant positive association” between pornography use and “reliance on pornography to obtain/maintain sexual excitement.” Use of pornography also made men more likely to “view pornography during sexual activity” with a real-life partner. Porn use correlated with less enjoyment of sexually intimate behavior.

“Our findings are consistent with a theory suggesting that pornography can become a preferred sexual script for men, thus influencing their real-world expectations,” the researchers wrote.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
David Roach

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