Robber Who Broke Into Florida Woman’s Home Returns Stolen Money and Fixes Damaged Window

Johnathan Johnson  POLICE HANDOUT
Johnathan Johnson

Last week a Palm Bay, Fla., woman returned to her apartment to find a burglar standing in her home.

“I walk into my room, and I find all my boyfriend’s shoes and clothes thrown on the floor,” the woman told a 911 operator, according to Yahoo News. “I said, ‘So you’re trying to rob us?’ And he’s like, he nodded his head.”

The reported burglar, Johnathan Johnson, 20, allegedly told the woman that he was planning on using the money to buy Christmas gifts for his son. Johnson apologized to the woman for breaking into her apartment. He also fixed the window screen he had broken to gain entry.

“I made him leave, and when I came back, he put the screen back on,” the woman told the 911 dispatcher, Yahoo reports. “I asked him, ‘Where’s my money?’ And he’s like, ‘I forgot to give it to you.’ ”

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