Francis Chan Says He Would Rather His Children Love Jesus More Than Him; Parents Too Focused on Children’s Happiness

Francis Chan

Pastor and bestselling author Francis Chan said in an interview on the Ask Pastor John podcast about his new book on marriage and family that his goal as a parent is not to raise children who love hanging out with him but rather are in love with God.

The father of six children with a seventh on the way quoted his book, You and Me Forever , saying, “One of the things I think that I mention in the book is like, what are you after? Do you want them to love you more than you want them to love Jesus? Obviously I want both (for his children to love him and Jesus) but if I’m going to choose one or the other, it’s always going to be Jesus.”

Chan shared how this aim has become a focus in his alone time with God.

“I love being with my kids; they’re so fun. I mean so much laughter [it’s] just great but you know, the more I spend time with Jesus, first of all, the more my wife and kids like me and my wife will tell me that. It’s those periods when I’ve had my time with the Lord, I’m more of a light.”

He continued, “The other thing about it is the more I pray to God and I see answers to those prayers, the more my kids see that wow, God listens to Dad and they want the same thing for their lives.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post
Stephanie Samuel

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