The Lies We Believe About Money

According to an ABC-TV news report called “The Mystery of Happiness,” in a survey of 49 of Forbes magazine’s richest people, 37 percent reported lower than average happiness levels. It seems obvious that money does not make people happy. Money is just that: Dollars and cents — nothing more, nothing less.

But that is not what many of us believe. Sure, the wisdom of the ages has warned of the dangers of riches. The news regularly reports stories of wealthy people who live lives of pain and despair. We see rich starlets and overpaid athletes arrested because their lives remained empty while they were trying to fill the holes in their hearts. Sadly, many of us Christians (who are called to be the “salt of the earth”) have lost our savor. Many of us are in the same mess as the rest of the world. Even those of us who would criticize others who abuse drugs and alcohol think nothing of anesthetizing the pain we feel when the credit card bill arrives by going back to the mall!

We live in a culture that constantly sends the message that personal happiness is directly proportionate to how much we acquire. Pop culture tells us that happiness depends on how much money, stuff and sex we have. Granted, most of us would not admit, “Yep, that’s my philosophy of life!” But, in truth, don’t we live like we believe that message? Be honest. Haven’t you been convinced (at least upon occasion) that one more raise, a new boat, a cooler car, or a bigger house would make you happy?

I have. That’s hard to admit. But, I’m human, and I sin.

At the heart of it all is the belief that God was wrong. In fact, the borrower is not the slave of the lender. We buy the lie and dig an even deeper hole of debt, believing we can eventually build a mountain of wealth. We live in a culture saturated with “stuffaholism.” Didn’t the apostle John warn of the dangers of loving the things of this world?

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Source: Crosswalk | Steve Diggs, Personal Finance and Life-Skills Coach

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