Homosexual Marriage Advocate Abby Huntsman, Daughter of Former Republican Presidential Candidate Jon Huntsman, Thinking About Running for Office


Abby Huntsman doesn’t see a run for elected office in her future — but she hasn’t ruled it out.

“Never say never, right?” she said. “My dad has always raised us to serve. You’ve seen that with my brothers going in the military. … If there was an opportunity that made sense somewhere, where I felt like I had the right message to move it in the right direction and to help out, of course you take that seriously.”

Particularly if that opportunity presented itself in Utah.

“I will say, I love Utah,” Huntsman said. “If I ever did run, it would probably be back in Utah.”

Even though her positions don’t exactly toe the right-wing line that so many successful Utah candidates espouse.

“But you know what? Times change,” she said. “I mean, you think about [Democratic] Gov. [Scott] Matheson at one point in time. And [former Democratic Utah congressman] Jim Matheson is someone that I’ve been a fan of, and he’s made it work. And he’s right in line with where a lot of Utahns are.

“And Utah has also changed a lot. You look at even Salt Lake City — the demographics are changing. I think we’ll see in years to come that it’s not going to necessarily be a hot spot for the tea party.”

As the daughter of a former Utah governor, U.S. ambassador and presidential candidate, there’s no doubt she’s been raised in an atmosphere that made the concept of running for office seem natural.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

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