A Giant in African-American Radio, Kernie L. Anderson, Dies at 74


KERNIE ANDERSON was always thinking.

“He was one of those black men whose brain was always rotating and moving and thinking about the next project,” said Thera Martin-Milling, a Philadelphia radio broadcaster, in an Philadelphia Tribune article by Bobbi Booker.

What Kernie was thinking about was how to improve the radio stations he ran in a 32-year career in broadcasting for African-American audiences in Philadelphia and other urban centers around the country.

Kernie’s restless brain was tracking “the next live broadcast, and what he could do from his position of authority in broadcasting to get the word out to black people,” said Martin-Milling, a former news anchor at WDAS-AM/FM and program director of WHAT-FM.

Kernie L. Anderson, who was retired after a storied career in black radio, a community activist and Army veteran, died Saturday. He was 74 and lived in Wynnefield.

He was a major influence in the establishment of Unity Day, the annual Philadelphia celebration of family values and peace, and worked in other civic endeavors.

In Philadelphia radio, Kernie ran stations WDAS-AM/FM, WHAT-AM and WURD-AM.

Sara Lomax-Reese, president of WURD, said that Kernie “knew radio inside and out, when black radio was really at its zenith. He really understood the business principles of black radio and radio in general.”

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Source: Philly.com | JOHN F. MORRISON

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