Will Culture of Death Lead to World War III?

Is World War III upon is? Will it be more violent than the 20th Century? (UK Ministry of Defense/Flickr)
Is World War III upon is? Will it be more violent than the 20th Century? (UK Ministry of Defense/Flickr)

Some people believe mankind is progressing—growing wiser, getting better. But the authors of The Race to Save Our Century point out the last 100 years were the deadliest in recorded history, and the next century may be even deadlier.

Co-authors John Zmirak and Jason Jones lay out the reasons that genocide and total war, eugenics and totalitarianism were able to triumph over the principles of human civilization in the 20th century.

Slaughtered 133 Mllion Citizens

“Poison gas, concentration camps; nobody in 1913—the era of Sherlock Holmes—would have imagined the evils of the 20th century. But there were reasons they came about,” Zmirak told CBN News.

“And they came about because modern secular philosophy had undermined the core principles of the moral law that the Judeo-Christian civilization had relied upon for centuries,” he said.

That allowed a culture of death to flourish, and a century where governments committed mass “democide” and murdered 133.1 million of their own citizens.

Americans who think their country is too civilized to commit such barbarism may want to consider how average folks all around them have killed more than 56 million of America’s most vulnerable citizens through abortion.

“Abortion I would say is the rock foundation of the culture of death,” Jones said.

Jones asserts that violence in the womb cannot help but spread out beyond the womb.

Your Children Will Die in the Camps?

“If we don’t see full legal protection for the human person from the moment of biological beginning through natural death, you can expect your children or grandchildren to die in the gulag, to die in the concentration camp,” Jones said

Jones doesn’t believe this just because of his study of history. He feels it deeply in his bones, because for Jones, this is incredibly personal.

As he put it to CBN News, his life didn’t bring him to the abortion issue; the abortion issue invaded his life.

It started two days before his 17th birthday with a visit from his high-school sweetheart.

“She came over to my house and woke me up with the words, ‘I’m pregnant,'” Jones said.

They then came up with a secret plot: In two days, Jones would join the Army and soon be supporting their little family.

But then while he was at basic training, his girlfriend called him, weeping uncontrollably before her dad grabbed the phone away.

“And then her father said, ‘We know your secret now and you can come home. It’s gone. We took Katie to get an abortion,'” he recalled.

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Paul Strand

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