Newsweek Cover Story Attacks the Bible, Christians


Christians are under attack in the United States. This time it comes in the form of a Newsweek cover story.

According to the article, evangelical Christians have a gross misunderstanding about what the Bible actually says. The lengthy piece muses that Scripture is written by men, full of mistakes and meanings misguided.

Wayne Pederson, President of Reach Beyond, says, “The article was not balanced, not objective, not good journalism. They quoted only critics of the Bible, not scholars that have studied the Bible.”

One section of the article claimed that 2 Peter was actually a forgery. Pederson says, “The article says that’s a position universally held by theologians. Really? I’ve never heard any of the Biblical theologians and scholars question the authorship of 2 Peter. [This position] is NOT universally held, as the author says.”

Pederson says arguments questioning the authenticity of Scripture aren’t new. Many have tried. In fact, good scholarly work does something else. “Many of the people that have begun a journey to disprove the Bible in their research have come to faith in Jesus Christ.”

Pederson says there’s obvious proof Scripture is true. “As we reach out with the hope on radio and other social media, and as we bring God’s love to people in the form of human care and community development, lives are being changed.”

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