What News from 2014 Is Most Likely to Shape Evangelical Life, Thought, or Mission?

Image: Steve Mueller, Flickr
Image: Steve Mueller, Flickr

What Was the Best News of 2014? Observers weigh in on the year’s events that will most shape evangelical life, thought, or mission.

“Engagement between evangelicals and Catholics has gone to a whole new level. In June, I had a three-hour project meeting with Pope Francis—with no agenda. In my tenure, I have not seen that kind of openness. There’s a shift taking place under Francis. He seems clearly geared toward evangelicals.”
~Geoff Tunnicliffe, secretary general, World Evangelical Alliance

“The decision by World Vision to immediately and completely revoke a new policy allowing for the hiring of persons in same-sex marriages. This was Christianity at its best. In a difficult circumstance, our brothers and sisters lovingly held accountable those in error, leading to repentance and a course correction.”
~Eric Teetsel, director, Manhattan Declaration

“Missionaries working with Ebola patients in West Africa brought attention to the continual work of missionaries around the world. Similarly, the ‘We are N’ movement brought more attention to persecuted minorities and made religious freedom advocacy trendy in a social media context.”
~Sarah Pulliam Bailey, national correspondent, Religion News Service

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SOURCE: Christianity Today
Compiled by Ruth Moon

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