“The Bible Challenge” Grows Into a Movement as Over 500,000 Resolve to Read God’s Word In 2015


It’s the way to exercise your spiritual muscles.

Fox News is reporting that people have chosen to read the entire bible in one year as a New Year’s resolution. The practice is growing quickly. The movement was started by Marek Zabriskie in 2011. Zabriskie urged the Episcopal congregation to read the bible from cover to cover in one year. The movement now has over 500,000 participants from over 2,500 churches in 40 countries taking what Zabriskie calls “The Bible Challenge.”

Zabriskie gives us practical applications for this. The second United States President, John Adams, read the entire bible every year. Adams studied scripture on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, in a time when he was in the process of helping to shape and form a nation. According to Zabriskie, the bible reading gave Adams the ability to do so.

Dwight D. Eisenhower and family read the bible daily, taking turns reading passages. Jimmy Carter read his bible daily, as well as taught Sunday school class for over 40 years. Zabriskie considers the bible a launching point for self-improvement and stepping stone for helping others.

Zabriskie gives many different reasons for making this a New Year’s resolution. For example, the bible is the best-selling book of all time, you’ll find new things everyday, it teaches that other people will have different interpretations, showing us to be more tolerant. Zabriskie’s treaty essentially tells us that reading the bible will make us better, stronger people, not just Christians.

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SOURCE: Inquisitr

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