Floyd Mayweather Jr. Admits ‘I’m Materialistic and I’m Motivated by Money…But GOD Is First In My Life’

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr said that God comes first in his life. He feels that anything is possible with God. Mayweather also admitted that he’s motivated by money which is natural. He wants to strive for a good life for his family and himself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make money and live well.

Boxers are basically prizefighters and it makes sense that they’re after the biggest prize when they fight. Mayweather just happens to be gifted with more talent than other fighters.

Plus, Mayweather has a ton of charisma that helps sell. He knows what to say to market his fights and make them huge. As such, Mayweather makes more money than other fighters, and that’s not going to change until he steps away from the game.

On Mayweather’s Instagram he said this to his friend pop star Justin Bieber:

“@JustinBieber Welcome to the Jet Club! Yes, I got a 14 passenger jet. Got to give them another reason to hate, but I will motivate the people that are ambitious and want to be winners in life. I am guilty! I’m materialistic & I’m motivated by money…but GOD is first in my life. GOD will not give you anything you can’t handle. That’s why GOD gave me the best hands in the business to pray with, box with and count money with. #AirMayweather.”

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SOURCE: BoxingNews24
Chris Williams

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