3 Daughters Face Eviction After Their Mother Was Shot and Killed

Michelle Hensel's boyfriend shot her Dec. 22, 2014; she died Dec. 28. (Photo: Courtesy of Hensel family)
Michelle Hensel’s boyfriend shot her Dec. 22, 2014; she died Dec. 28.
(Photo: Courtesy of Hensel family)

Three teens whose mother died after being shot right before Christmas now face eviction from the home they shared with her.

Michelle Hensel, 42, died Sunday, almost week after her boyfriend shot her in the head at her home, according to the Bexar County medical examiner.

Through Christmas and beyond, Hensel’s family was at her side as she lay in critical condition at San Antonio Military Medical Center. John Arthur Regalado, 43, also shot himself immediately after the 9 p.m. CT Dec. 22 attack and was pronounced dead at the scene.

“They are struggling,” Delia Leija Hensel said of her granddaughters, ages 17 to 20. “When she passed away, the first thing Alexandria said is, ‘Now we are going to be split apart.’ ”

On Christmas morning, one of Michelle Hensel’s daughters gave birth to Gizelle Michelle Munoz. Michelle Hensel, struggling for her life at the time, would never meet her newborn granddaughter.

Now the family has learned that Michelle Hensel didn’t pay the rent on the small, white clapboard house that the four called home. Michelle Hensel had just landed a full-time job before Regalado killed her.

“We are bound and determined to keep our family together. And that’s what we are going to do,” said Michelle Hensel’s father, Fritz Hensel.

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Karen Grace, KENS-TV, San Antonio

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