Organizations Come to Aid of Army Chaplain Who Is Being Punished for Using Christian Scriptures

Chaplain Joe Lawhorn
Chaplain Joe Lawhorn

Chaplain Joe Lawhorn is one of the few Army Ranger-qualified chaplains serving in the Army. But on Thanksgiving Day, his brigade commander – Col. David Fivecoat with the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning, GA – ordered Lawhorn into his office and gave him a letter warning him to be “careful to avoid any perception you are advocating one system of beliefs over another.”

Lawhorn was called onto the carpet for “using Christian scriptures and solutions” during a suicide prevention training session with the 5th Ranger Training Battalion held on November 20 at the University of North Georgia.

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (USA-Ret.) is executive vice president of the Family Research Council. On Monday, he spoke on American Family Radio’s “Sandy Rios in the Morning” program.

“First of all that is absolutely a violation of Army policy,” Boykin emphasized. “But secondly, it’s a violation of his constitutional rights.”

He reported that a coalition known as Restore Military Religious Freedom has “gone to bat” for Chaplain Lawhorn.

“… We have written the Secretary of the Army [and] we have written the Commander of Fort Benning – and we’ve got petitions up on the AFA website as well as the FRC website,” said Boykin. “We are not going to let this stand without a huge challenge and we’re going to win in the end.”

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Chad Groening

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  1. Dear Chaplain Joe Lawhorn, I just wanted to encourage you to continue to have faith in Our Father in Heaven. I am the great- granddaughter four generations back to Chaplain Evan Thomas Watson, who at the age of just 18 and a half years old, enlisted to serve in the Revolutionary War, on September 18th, 1777. He served under General Lafayette, as he retreated from General Lord Cornwallis. There has always been a place for Chaplains, or Holy Leader’s even great leaders were a wear of this such as George Washington. He knew God works through those who serve Him. It is just as true today as it was in Biblical times.

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