How Pastors Can Lead Their Congregations to Embrace a Missionary Lifestyle


Mission is the opposite of self.

That sounds simple and obvious, yet the sad truth is that we revert to non-mission—or self-centered life—very simply and very obviously.

One way Satan undermines the missional effectiveness of pastors and leaders is luring them into idolatry that looks like mission. That means we must identify the idols that tempt us, resist their pull on our hearts, and truly live the mission—to make it about God’s glory and His agenda.

How do we lay our temptations and inclinations before God and lead the people God has given us into true mission? In today’s post I want to draw your attention to a two part series that I penned earlier this year. We will look at focussing on God’s mission, Being with Him and reflecting that to others, and finally we will look at the importance of ceasing to live for yourself.

Focus on God and His Agenda
Oftentimes we get so busy in the work of the Lord that we lose focus on the Lord of the work. Don’t allow your other pastoral duties and inclinations, however important they may be, to distract you from the more important things of God’s glory and His agenda. In my post Mission, Self, and God’s Glory Part 1, I examine how valuable it can be to cease being obsessed with out agenda and embrace God’s plan for His glory. This is Gospel self-awareness, seeing ourselves in the light of God’s glory, we are spiritually prepared to forsake our agenda and embrace God’s agenda. Pastors can have agendas, plans and strategies, but nothing will be as contagious or effective as having a experience with the living God and operating in light of His revealed agenda.

But how can pastors lead their congregations to embrace this type of missional living? That leads us to my second post in this series.

Click here for more.

SOURCE: Christianity Today
Ed Stetzer

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