Ohio Hospice Partners With Pastors In New Program


Hospice of Dayton will roll out a new program this spring designed to support and educate local pastors in caring for the dying.

“When people face a serious illness or death, they typically turn to two people. One is hospice and the other is their trusted clergy,” said Kim Vesey, vice president of mission support at Hospice of Dayton. “While both of us are quite experienced in ministering, we believe that if we partner together, we could bring superior care to those at the end of life in our area.”

The program is the result of a survey conducted earlier this year among about 50 pastors and congregation members. The survey asked about 15 questions about pastors’ comfort level with caring for the dying, and whether their pastoral training had adequately prepared them for aiding those at the end of life.

“The results indicated that we have some really good things going on, but there are also opportunities for us to provide training and support,” Vesey said. “So we have committed to creating a program that will minister to the needs they identified.”

The program will address questions about what happens physically at the end of life, as well as how best to care for caregivers and grieving family and friends.

Pastor Kevin Hoffman of the Vineyard Church in Beavercreek said he looks forward to utilizing the program after he experienced the care of hospice firsthand when a family member died.

“There are so many myths out there about hospice and what it’s about and what it does,” Hoffman said. “It was very powerful for my family because when hospice became involved, the level of care improved significantly. And they were a tremendous help as far as comfort and care, and education to our family about what to expect as our family member transitioned to the dying process.”

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SOURCE: Dayton Daily News
Katherine Wright

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