Support for Law Enforcement Climbs in America


A campaign is taking hold on the First Coast with people displaying blue ribbons at their homes in a show of support for law enforcement.

On social media, what is called the “Sea of Blue Ribbon Campaign” is encouraging people to make a statement by showing they appreciate the men and women who wear a badge.

“Your are protesting too,” said Mitch Reeves of Atlantic Beach, who has a background in law enforcement.

“You protest by putting your blue up. What you are doing is not looting, not burning, not blocking highways. What I am protesting is support of police,” said Reeves.

On Tuesday, a close call in Jacksonville with an officer being shot at while investigating what turned out to be stolen cars. Three young men were involved, with investigators saying one fired a shot that did not hit the officer.

“It really highlights for us what you would think would be a normal routine call…3 in the morning turns into somebody firing at the officer,” said JSO Director Tom Hackney.

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Source: First Coast News

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