Cory Condrey and Wife Joann Rosario-Condrey Prepare to Celebrate 6-Year Anniversary


In a day when high profile divorces and drama are making news headlines, it’s a wonderful thing to celebrate Kingdom love.

Cory ‘CoCo Brother’ Condrey and his wife Joann Rosario-Condrey are nearing their six-year anniversary and are already receiving congratulatory messages.

“Keep moving forward, Keep advancing Gods Kingdom & I love you much!” said Baltimore-based leader of Empowerment Temple, Pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant, in a heartfelt tweet to the couple.

On December 31, the leaders of the Condrey Evangelistic Association, who wed in 2008, will officially mark their special milestone.

Through good and bad, ups and downs, according to the couple that takes the gospel to the world through evangelistic crusades, they keep God at the center.

“We have this thing from the beginning that, if something’s going on with one another, we just leave it alone and we’ll lay it on the altar,” he said in a 2011 TBN interview.

“So, she’ll put me on the altar and then I’ll put her on the altar sometimes, and we just let God be God.”

Joann has a personal philosophy when it comes to handling issues like faithfulness in marriage.

“You can’t watch a man 24 hours a day, or he can’t watch you every moment of the day. You can’t know what that person is thinking or what’s going on in their mind, [wondering] ‘Are they gonna be faithful?’ ‘Are they gonna cheat?’”

The “More More More” singer continued, “If God keeps us, then we’ll be kept. But I have to be at peace and he’s at peace as well, and that’s all you can really do is trust the Lord.”

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SOURCE: EEW Magazine
Adrian Echols

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