John Walsh on Wrenching New Detail of Son’s Death 33 Years Later

John Walsh /  AP Images/Invision
John Walsh / AP Images/Invision

Crime TV host John Walsh (The Hunt, America’s Most Wanted) long has spoken of his son Adam’s 1981 abduction and murder. But during a Soho House New York panel hosted by Starz on Nov. 19 — timed to the airing of The Missing, about a kidnapping — he shared a wrenching detail for the first time.

“People don’t know this, but [police] kept Adam’s severed head in the morgue for 27 years, saying you can’t bury your child because it’s an open capital murder,” said Walsh. “We could never get Adam’s remains while the case was botched.”

Law enforcement closed the case in 2008 after declaring deceased drifter Ottis Toole was the killer.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter
Gary Baum

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