Woman Calls Out Gospel Singer J. Moss on Social Media for Being 3 Months Behind on Child Support


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Let me be clear, I was minding my own business in church today when this popped up in my Facebook in-box.


You all may recall my breaking a story earlier this year about LaKisha Hughes, a woman that Gospel Singer J Moss had and extra martial affair that resulted in a child. She was calling him out on social media for not being in his son’s life. Well, now she is going public again and this might get him in some trouble with the law. According to LaKisha as of December 3rd J Moss was three months behind on his child support payments and it is getting serious for the little boys health. The mother of J Moss‘ son does not have health insurance apparently and has to pay for his medications out of pocket. Money is tight and she is unable to get his medication and J Moss does not seem to be moved by her difficult situation at all.


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SOURCE: Obnoxious-TV

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