New York Fire Chief Refuses to Take Down “Happy Birthday Jesus” Christmas Sign Despite Atheist Complaints

Happy Birthday Jesus

A fire chief in Utica, New York will not take down a Christmas-themed sign that is on display outside the firehouse despite calls from atheists to remove the sign.

The sign reads, “Happy Birthday Jesus We love you.” The sign is displayed outside Firehouse No. 4, but atheists have complained and asked that the sign be taken down. They have called the sign “exclusionary and alienating.”

“About 20 percent of Utica citizens are nonreligious and others follow non-Christian faiths — and that includes Utica firefighters. The Utica Fire Department should not send them this exclusionary and alienating message,” Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), said in a statement.

But Fire Chief Russell Brooks said he refuses to take down the sign, despite letters and calls. The firehouse has displayed the sign every Christmas for about 10 years.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Amanda Casanova | Religion Today

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