What Ben Carson Prayed for at Jerusalem’s Western Wall


As the presidential race for 2016 gets closer, likely candidates start visiting key locations. In addition to Iowa and other states, there is also an important international stop.

This week, Dr. Ben Carson took the opportunity to visit America’s closest ally in the Middle East. This was the retired neurosurgeon’s first visit to the Holy Land.

“It’s really a fact-finding mission. And you hear so many things and read so many things but until you can actually experience it yourself and see for yourself, you really don’t have the proper perspective,” Carson said.

To get that first-hand perspective, Carson paid a house call to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel’s premiere hospital. He also met one of the victims of the recent Har Nof terror attack, in which four rabbis and a policeman were murdered.

“I looked at your scan and you’re very fortunate to be alive,” Carson told the patient.

During his fact-finding mission, Carson said Israelis told him they’re concerned about relations between Israel and the United States.

“I don’t think I’ve met any Israeli since I’ve been on this trip who didn’t think that the relationship was in jeopardy,” Carson said.

Carson used a schoolyard analogy to describe the current state of affairs between the two countries.

“It’s sort of like your brother is going to school in a real tough neighborhood and you want to make sure he gets there safely and gets home safely, so you walk with him. And then suddenly you say; ‘You’re on your own. Call me if you have problems,'” Carson told CBN News in an interview. “That seems to be how our relationship has gone.”

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Chris Mitchell

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