Issue of Homosexual Clergy Threatens to Split Church of Scotland

Church of Scotland

The Church of Scotland has taken a significant step towards ordaining practicing homosexual ministers, after a majority vote by local bodies.

Out of a total of 45 regional presbyteries, over 30 are thought to have voted in favor of allowing congregations to appoint gay ministers who are in civil partnerships.

The issue has already caused 18 ministers and hundreds of members to leave the denomination.

A final decision will be made after draft legislation is passed to the Church of Scotland’s General Assembly in May.

The proposal affirms the church’s traditional stance on marriage but allows congregations to “opt out” and ordain practicing gay ministers if they want to.

There has already been extensive opposition to the move.

Today, a protest group called Covenant Fellowship is being launched to campaign for a traditionalist stance within the Church of Scotland.

Rev. Professor Andrew McGowan, a member of the group, said that the church is in the “midst of a severe crisis.”

He hopes that the protest will “grow to become an effective campaign group within the Church on behalf of those who believe in Christian orthodoxy.”

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jessilyn Justice

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