Does Jay Cutler’s Benching Signal the End of his Career With the Bears?


Jay Cutler is fast becoming his generation’s Jeff George:

Strong arm. Stronger will. Unfixable gunslinger. That’s Cutler in a nutshell nine seasons and 130 interceptions into an NFL career that’s gone nowhere.

Cutler’s mounting turnovers and losses left Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman no choice Wednesday but to bench the mistake-prone quarterback for Jimmy Clausen — he of the 1-9 career record — in a late bid to save his job and restore some sense of accountability to a lost season.

Cutler wasn’t the quarterback Trestman and general manager Phil Emory thought they signed this offseason when they inked Cutler to a seven-year, $126 million deal believing he had championship-winning potential.

Cutler’s deal is really three years for $54 million with the Bears on the hook for $15.5 million guaranteed to Cutler next season. It might be worth the price to admit their mistake.

Their sin was believing Cutler, with a league-high 24 turnovers this season, could change when his default setting is his cannon arm trying to rope a throw into narrow windows despite the game plan and repeated emphasis on footwork and mechanics.

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SOURCE: USA Today – Jim Corbett

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